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Skin Preparation Instructions

Here is the pre-tan prep for Competitors: Very important to do.....

It is best to start GENTLY exfoliating every day starting on Monday the week of your show up til Friday.


1.) GENTLY exfoliate thoroughly using an exfoliating glove or mesh towel and non-moisturizing body wash such as Aveeno, Cetaphil, or Native.


2.) Rinse off thoroughly to get off all soap residue. Moisturize afterwards using a lotion that does not contain mineral oils. Aveeno or Cetaphil lotion is best. The better condition your skin is in, the better the product will absorb, and the more flawless your tan will look.


3.) Waxing must be done 2 days before and shaving with a clean razor must be done the day before your tanning session, never on the day of as this can leave severe skin irritations which affects your competition spray tan. These skin issues that develop are very noticeable on stage after the tan. It is best to shave using a hair conditioner. Using a hair remover like Nair is not good, it leaves a rash.


4.) On Friday morning, gently exfoliate thoroughly with a non-moisturizing liquid gel soap and rinse off thoroughly. If you are washing your hair, rinse off all hair conditioner and make sure to dry it completely. Be free of lotions, oils, deodorants, perfume/cologne, and any skin topicals before and after your tanning session because those will affect the tanning application. After your tan session, DO NOT put on any deodorant, moisturizers, perfume/cologne until AFTER you rinse off on show day. 


5.) Must wear loose clothing without tight elastic bands for after your tan session, cotton clothing is best. No jeans, shorts, or tight clothing of any kind. Do not wear any tank tops due to straps and the cause of skin-on-skin contact by armpits and arms touching sides. Do not put on your posing suit after your tan on Friday because it will ruin your tan. A loose t-shirt top, long sleeve preferably or button up top, and long loose pants and flip flops are best. Lounge pants, and tops that easily pull over your head are best. For sleeping in your tan, you must wear loose pants, and a t-shirt top (long sleeve preferably) to protect your tan from marks while you are sleeping. This will eliminate any hand marks or skin-on-skin contact on your body during sleep. DO NOT SLEEP NUDE OR IN SHORTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. If it's raining, make sure to cover up to protect your tan from water marks. Water marks are hard to fix and time consuming.


The actual spray tanning session takes about 10 minutes or less for the application which includes drying you. You will not rinse off the tan until after your show. 


For men, painting finger nails and toenails with a clear polish will avoid staining of your nails. We will provide a wet wipe to men and women as well to easily wiped off your nails after your tan application.

Women can be sprayed nude. If you have long hair, please remember to bring a tie back to keep hair off your shoulders and neck, if you forget we will provide. We will provide a hair cap for you to wear as well.

Men may wear something smaller than their posing suit such as a sock, if being sprayed nude is uncomfortable. For the best results, it is easier for us to spray without posing trunks. This is to prevent tan lines.

Bring extra sheets to lay on top of if you are staying at a hotel. If you get any tanning bronzer on the hotel sheets or pillow, they will charge you $250.

***** Do not lay out in the sun or use tanning beds!  This causes peeling of the skin and affects the tan.*****

*****Taking Thermogenics or anything that makes your body sweat on the day of your tan causes the tan to not stick on your body.*****


*****Please discuss the use of ANY other tanning products used BEFORE your appointment with us. It is not good to mix different competition products. We are NOT responsible for poor results with mixing of products that we are unaware of. These specific skin prep instructions are to ensure you receive a flawless tan for your competition. We compete too and know what a good competition tan is. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these instructions.

If during your spray tan appointment and it has been determined that you have not followed our skin prep instructions, the client will assume ALL risks.

Tag us in your show photos at @powercomptan  

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